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little update

18 Apr

Dear Ones

Just a little update on my adventures.

I’ve had my first true experience with Peruvian Shamanism. Wow! This is indeed El Mundo Magico. And did I maybe have a believe that is too romantic, or am I too easily blinded? For what about all the bad spirits preying on us? I know they exists but conveniently held them outside my worldview. Now I am working on my spiritual protection, after so long working with magic and energy a little bit of fear creeps in. This is a serious matter, not a game and certainly not a spiritual holiday. Well I signed up for it, purification, healing, shadow work & freedom!

Then a little update on my Microcredit research, as I am still totally committed to apply to Kiva. An interesting article from the original inventor of micro finance the noble price winner Muhammad Yunus. There is a lot of ambivalence here. Where are the studies that show banking for the poor actually does alleviate poverty and is not just a further spread of greedy materialism?  The problem essentially as I can see it is not the concept of credit, not even interest, which certainly in a revolutionary worldview are doubtful concepts. But as we can see far and wide in this world, the real trouble begun when speculation go involved! Do you know the banks (I mean the big ones, the bad ones 😉 actually do sell Funds and Options on Microcredits to diversify their rich client’s assets. If someone seeks to make profit out of this, it is clear this system will never work. Thus I trust in Kiva, with their global involvement with MFI’s and access to cash, they have power. Power that is used to prevent misuse and promote social standards, check out Kiva’s new social badges here. Kiva is making a valuable effort to provide social (vs. commercial) money and You can be part of this by becoming a lender here.

Hihi, listen to me, so excited sure with this attitude they just must take me as their fellow! Just wondering why they don’t have partners in my lovely India, mmmmh…?

So long
Gipsy Soul


Micro Credits Part 2

30 Nov

When it comes to this topic, I am still at the beginning of my official research, meanwhile reading these books:

– Poverty Capital – Microfinance and the Making of Development by Ananya Roy
– Microfinance and its discontents – Women in dept in Bangladesh by Lamia Karim
– Freedom from Want – The remarkable success story of BRAC, the global grassroots organization that’s winning the fight against poverty by Ian Smillie
– What’s wrong with Microfinance ? by Thomas Dichter and Malcom Harper

Right now I just wanted to show you something I got from the Kiva Blog. In Georgia a MFI is using a Georgian comic artist to educate people about over-indebtedness.

I really love the idea and it truly seems this MFI’s intention is to really help people and not make their lives worse. And not just with comics of course, a lot of other valuable tools are used like the village council and support with balance sheets and other accounting necessities.

So long