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11/11/11 & The Ancestors of Atlantis

8 Nov


Another apoclyptical date is upon us the 11-11-11.

It’s not just the birthday of my lost love or the day I will reconnect with my circle of healers or the day my life changed drastically when I was a kid or the number I met times and times again. I am not a numerologist but the 11 11 stands for the I & the I, the higher & the personal self. It is a cosmic date and a full moon. It might be the real date of the 10-28 consciousness shift and then again this is a process. There is transformation in the air and many people are focusing on the shift. I am a believer, I can feel it in all my cells, and I desperately hope for something to happen, the world needs it! Please people let’s wake up. We are all connected, with each other, with the cosmos, with all beings. If we continue like this, the human race will die out. Still there is hope.

Today I am a bit lacking the words with all this amazingly wonderful and yet so difficult stuff going on I would like to share two fantastic videos of “teachers” whose work has inspired my greatly, both of them speak a lot about the importance of opening the heart. If you have the time and the interest I warmly recommend watching them. And though I resonate with the idea that the time of teachers and students is gone, because every single one of us has the ability to access the universal knowledge, the Akasha, and live and take action from the Heart, these videos are better than anything I could write at the moment.

Number one is Drunvalo Mechizedek’s Birth of a New Humainty

This is super interesting and it totally makes sense to me as hard to believe as it might sound to some. The Atlanteans and the Ascended Masters gave us the opportunity to save ourselves and the time is now!

I have been to many of the sacred sites mentioned in the video. In England Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury, 9 Barrows, Stanton Drew and visited Crop Circles several times. In Egypt I’ve not only seen the Gizeh pyramids and the Sphinx but also Abu Sir, Saqqara and Dashur. This year I’ve been to South Mexico and Guatemala to do a full chakra spiral of the consciousness grid visiting the amazing sites of Uxmal, Labna, Kabah, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Kohunlich, Palenque, Bonampak, Yaxchilan, Tikal and El Mirrador.

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I’ve always been drawn to the ancient sites, and in the last few years enjoying my personal freedom I’ve gone out there to visit some of them. Naturally many more are  on my wishlist. Foremost it will be Peru and Chile but also India and Nepal are still calling to me. Sacred geometry and Geomancy have also always been of great interest to me, maybe because of all of this I feel so deeply connected to this story. But then again in my opinion and compared to all that esoteric crap that is out there, this stuff makes sense to me!

The second video is from a woman called little Grandmother and I think it is so soft and subtle that it speaks for itself.

Please join the human collective energetically in any way you can dancing, singing, meditating, hugging trees, kissing, laughing, and just being love on 11/11/11 11.11 AM.

See you there!