Center of Unity Schweibenalp

27 Jun

The last few days I had the pleasure of visiting the Center of Unity Schweibenalp. Once more I can be grateful to the dancing tribe for allowing me to go deep into the center of my heart, feel every cell of my body, and be connected to these amazing people.

The Center of Unity is an experiment in new system theory. Because the world needs new systems, soon! I think it is worth sharing their concept and vision. Their community is built upon 4 pillars. First a fair economy. This is a tricky enterprise, but it is clear no society can live without money – or at least exchange. And though they now also run the highest alpine Permaculture project, they finance themselves with the course center. Second is self-sustainability. The natural foundation for every working community but what does it really mean? For example as we can see with the fascinating Earthships there are a lot of rightful barriers to overcome when wanting to become self-sustainable with electricity in our western world. The state is obliged by law to provide every residence with water, electricity and sewage systems. At Schweibenalp they are fortunate to have their own mountain water spring. To have own water is a priceless good and will be The key for survival – anywhere. But their project to gain electricity from the river is currently not allowed and financing solar panels is currently out of scope. The third pillar and no less important is to find ways to live together in love. Facing the above challenges is not enough, the greatest challenge are always interpersonal relationships, says their leader Sundar. They are organized in a low hierarchical structure where leadership is used for execution as they’ve found that essential to make things happen. Taking decision on the other hand is always done by the community which is organized in various circles and varying meeting structures. This part, they say is always the one with the greatest experimental potential. To round this up the fourth pillar is spirituality. Needless to say they are open to all religions, the key is the communal prayer, ritual and meditation. The place is really amazing I am super inspired. Meditating or dancing by the fire or the lake, this place makes your heart open if you willeth it or not when you look over the crystal turquoise lake of Brienz on the other mountain range where there is a colossal heart cut into the rock and a waterfall coming right out of its center.

These days they are greatly involved in a fantastic project that I also need to share . The Green Phoenix: “A platform of networks and individuals, committed to system change in a time of transition and the necessity of a new attitude of global responsibility and of immediate local implementation for sustainable projects and models.” Check it out they will have a conference in October and the current focus lies on urban communities. Imagine about half of the world’s population lives in cities! In single households, little kingdoms. Imagine what will happen to us if the system does break down… well here come the new models. The evolution of society in something more respectful and entirely connected to nature. Thus as closing words I would like to add a quote of Lao Tzu: “ If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift is that of your own self- transformation.”



PS Thanks to Stephanie for the beautiful heart picture!

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