Love and hate in India

14 Feb

This journey to Arambol has shown me once more why I hate travelling per se. People say about India, that you either love or hate it. I sure love it, else I would not have come again. But travelling in itself is an exhausting thing. As I write this, I haven’t slept within 30 hours more than 20 minutes at a time.

It started off alright, I was early at the airport and the lady at the check-in desk was really nice, assigning me good seats. On the flight to Istanbul I met a guy from Kuwait and had an interesting conversation. I felt good and in the flow. Good to be out there again, good to meet new people. But then in Istanbul things started to get a bit cranky. I did manage to find the smoking terrace and order proper Turkish coffee, but when they confiscated my two fresh bottles of still water just before the boarding gate, where new water could only be bought from the machine with Turkish lira bills which I didn’t have I was slightly pissed. The movie offering was really great though and since I didn’t manage to sleep I watched a couple of them, they even gave us a little bottle of water before the light was switched off, still I couldn’t sleep. Arriving in Bombay the baggage claim was really incredibly slow and I knew (and maybe that’s why it happened…) that if I miss my connection within the 2 hours I had, I could easily get a new flight a bit later. Then that’s what it is. Asking around the airlines for the next flights to Goa, prices varied from 13000 to 4000 rupees. I had originally paid 2600 (45$) for the flight I missed. So once I got that settled I enjoyed a really great original Indian breakfast, Idly & Sambhar, having my first but certainly not last culinary orgasm.

Having to wait another 6 hours at the airport I wanted to sleep at the gate, which was impossible because the seats there though nice and modern where made strictly for single person only, no way to lay down or at least rest ones head. So I afforded some extra money to go to the spa…

Certain thing, money wise really have to change! Yes I would always want to have the money to spontaneously book a new flight if necessary. But certain luxuries are not for me anymore, but not today. The Asian looking but Indian woman from Assam (tea!) had such strong hands she trigger point healed me of my travel weariness very easily.

At the next security check they let me my bottle of water and confiscated my lighter instead,  rounding it up with providing cigarette lighter services in the smoking lounge 😉 Eventually flying to Goa is as easy as it can get. They’ve even managed to govern the taxi services though they get ever more expensive. To me reliability is worth something, by not having to haggle after a 24 our journey. Now I am here in Panjin and the only reason I came here is to have seen something else of India than just the beach of Arambol… Well I have seen it, for sure, nothing really to be seen here. So happy when I am finally at the beach tomorrow.  Just two things to end this. I ended up in the best restaurant in town, the only one where the sunshine along the river can be enjoyed. The rest of the Riviera being rather wasted. I spent a couple of hours and 500 rupees, this is just 9 bucks!!! 9 bucks for 3 beers, one full dinner with fresh squid and a glass of wine. At home this would have cost 50 bucks, and this was expensive for India. It’s just that I must learn not to think in the comparative way anymore because I must learn compare prices within the cheap country I am travelling  in.

Then I did what you should never do. Walking home alone drunk in a foreign city in a third world country. But this is my trick: I knew exactly where I am going and I made the clear appearance I have been here before and to just not bother me, it worked well enough here.

So long


3 Responses to “Love and hate in India”

  1. Harsha February 14, 2012 at 7:11 AM #


  2. Tina February 14, 2012 at 1:07 PM #

    Another beautiful one ! I LOVE the “walk home story” although I shouldn´t ach quatsch I love everything I wish you would puplish a book once with your travel “diaries” or even better take me with you next time…………..


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