The THRIVE Movie

30 Nov

My dears

I have to make advertisement for another truly transformational movie. It is a bit more mainstream and less radical than loads of other movies talking about these subjects and I consider it a must watch for current education about what is going on in our world, especially but not only if you are interested in

  • science meeting spirituality
  • the relation of the human energy system to the  universe
  • infinite free energy
  • sacred geometry & the flower of  life
  • the wisdom of ancient cultures
  • the meaning of crop circles
  • the possibility of extraterrestrial  life
  • how money controls all areas of life
    (food, energy,  health, education)
    and who controls the money
  • our chance & challenge as the 99% vs the  NWO$
  • the struggle for the soul of humanity
  • caterpillar medicine
  • non violent not participation
  • solutions & what we can do
  • how all people of this earth can enjoy
    more wealth,  security & freedom
    Let the dream come true!

Take the time and watch this move I promise it is worth it!  Here is the official website where all the crucial background information can be found as well as the solution strategies like

Here are the YT links for you convenience….. (while they are available….)

Love & Peace


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