Micro Credits Part 2

30 Nov

When it comes to this topic, I am still at the beginning of my official research, meanwhile reading these books:

– Poverty Capital – Microfinance and the Making of Development by Ananya Roy
– Microfinance and its discontents – Women in dept in Bangladesh by Lamia Karim
– Freedom from Want – The remarkable success story of BRAC, the global grassroots organization that’s winning the fight against poverty by Ian Smillie
– What’s wrong with Microfinance ? by Thomas Dichter and Malcom Harper

Right now I just wanted to show you something I got from the Kiva Blog. In Georgia a MFI is using a Georgian comic artist to educate people about over-indebtedness.

I really love the idea and it truly seems this MFI’s intention is to really help people and not make their lives worse. And not just with comics of course, a lot of other valuable tools are used like the village council and support with balance sheets and other accounting necessities.

So long


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