11/11/11 part 2

22 Nov

Hi dears

After 11 days, I need to write a little follow-up on my last entry, because even though meditation and joy was great and full of love on the 11/11/11 no “cosmic” change could be felt by me or my friends. IMO the energy we felt was created by the many people focusing and praying and celebrating together which is certainly a great thing! But I am wondering will there even be a revolutionary consciousness shift the way so many predict? There is certainly an evolutionary shift going on that is actually at the tip of tipping over to self-destruction or self-evaluation. So I am asking myself if this whole consciousness shift story is just a manmade illusion or if maybe we just didn’t get the date right?

Our calendar is the Gregorian Calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. It is an entirely human made calendar trying with a given imprecision to align our calendar to the sun cycles but disregarding any other cosmic rhythm and the numbers are not aligned to the sun cycle either they are purely fictional. For example why does the year start on January 1 rather than on December 21 (+/-) when the days get longer again after the sun’s turning point ? What I am saying is the solstices and equinoxes have been placed around the 21. of the month purely by humans. They could as well be on the first of a solar month, or any day of lunar month, … I think I am beginning to understand why the Mayans had so many calendars 😉 By the way, the 11.11.2011 was the 14.12.1432 in the Islamic and the 14.2.5772 in the Jewish calendar.

There are alternative calendars out there and a lot of different opinions, I spare you the references now. But really why is each one of them claiming that theirs is The solution? I am so sick of this. I believe there are so many cosmical influences it is humanly impossible to understand it all. Like about the 21.12.12 –

The only thing that might probably true about the 21.12.2012 is that it is the end of the Maya long count calendar of 5125 years (= 1 epoch = 13 baktum * 144’000 years). This can be known by analyzing the Maya codices who include dates and astronomical data, given the scientist got that right, unfortunately I don’t have the skills to redo that calculation.. And of these Maya codices of which there must have been hundreds or thousands only 4 survived the inquisition 😦 Thus we don’t know now what it means if such an epoch ends. The Mayans today, and I have met and talked to them, don’t know it. There are many theories.

I herewith affirm my belief that there are only a couple of things to “do”:

– wait & see
– practice a spiritual practice of any kind
– be caring & respectful toward yourself, others & nature
– love not fear

So long


3 Responses to “11/11/11 part 2”

  1. Magdalena November 23, 2011 at 9:55 AM #

    If you look up calleman.com you will see his calculations of the mayan calendar were to finish for the 28th October.. which is what I was basing myself on, and then I decided mid October not to be so concerned… For sure a shift is not something that happens in a day.. The people I was with in Brazil, (community of many hundreds) think there will be natural disasters and only the most ‘conscious’ will be saved, the communicate with intra and extra terrestials to help them, and they have emergency food provisions to help anyone who turns up during Tsunami’s. But what my daughter and I realized there, is that spirituality is not an excuse for psychological immaturity… and too many of these people are not well, have never worked on themselves and think they are well developed and superior. What is clear. (have you seen the thrivemovement.com and their movie? is the individual raising of consciousness needs to change what the big money is doing to the world. I think this will be our shift… love M

  2. soulnature November 23, 2011 at 8:04 PM #

    Dear Magda
    First of all I want to say I really apreciate your interest in my writing! It’s one of many steps in my “come out” as a spiritual professional or whatever I will be one day 😉
    Yes I know Callemann’s calculations but except for him I couldn’t find any references for this. We had an intensive trance dance session that day but the energies were rather heavy. Blankly I don’t know what to believe anymore at some point but then I stick to what I wrote! Life will go on one way or the other. I can see natural desasters and raids and wars in humanity’s future, maybe there also is a cosmic interference. Have you watched the Melchisedek movie I posted before? I find it most interesting especially also the thing about the unity consiciousness grid. I have been greatly inspired by his book the snake of light. Here is more of it also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvtbY_jzls8.
    But is it really realistic to think that one day suddenly there will just be love and peace? I know that higher consciousness is contagious and if we “who have worked on ourselves and found love and peace within” reach the critical mass maybe humanity will be saved.
    I see you have similar thoughts 😀 I’ll watch the thrive movie and let you know what I think. Big hug.


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