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Hello Cyberspace

16 Oct

Hello cyberspace

Now that a global peaceful movement of change can be seen and heard all over the world, I feel the time has come to start writing my blog about change, choice and adventure.

I believe that every human being has a choice, with every breath we take and every step we make we are creating our own world. This is a personal story and as I share more about myself you will read that I’ve not always lived according to these principles and still not always do. But there has been a lot of movement this year, not only in my life, but especially on our dear planet mother earth, and I feel very inspired to share my limited knowledge of what forces we can tap in to create the dream. A dream of freedom from illusions and of living in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings and all of creation.

On the 15th of October people have been occupying places of financial power in a peaceful and creative protest. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the courage of each of us who dares to stand up against greed and exploitation. While you stand your ground I choose to go back to work on Monday, because for a time now this is necessary in my life. My attachment to a perceived security, the fear of losing the roof over my head and the ability to feed myself makes me go against my nature a lot. I want to learn to trust in the universe, so I start with trusting in my ability to write and here we go 😉

In these troublesome times I’ve long been wishing for a revolution. And we’ve seen it happening in Northafrica this year. If it’s for the better, only time will show. I thought here in the West – and I am generalizing Europe and Northamericanow even though I am living in this amazing island called Switzerland… – people would only take to the street when there is no more water coming from the tap, no electricity from the plug and no food anymore in the supermarket. Though then it will be too late. So it is good to see at least some people on the street now, while still others continue consuming, because they can. Human beings seem to be quite lazy by nature and influenceable. I have myself lived for many years with the attitude: when I work hard I can enjoy my life and consume goods and celebrate parties endlessly – thus was my life until I became bored with parties and consummation. The next stage was working even harder while balancing it off by becoming an absolute couch potato. Coming home late, eating some junk food and drinking wine I watched endless tv series until late at night, just to be more tired and unmotivated the next day at work. What is life worth when you are a slave? Not much it seems. Can I change this? Yes I can because I had chosen to be a slave and now I choose to be free!

My life is about connecting body, heart and mind so the purpose of my soul can evolve. This is an interesting journey in self discovery that I would like to share now with anyone out there interested in it. So as a last thought of today let me give you this one: I believe healing the world starts with healing the self.

To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.  ~Confucius

When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world.  I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation.  When I found I couldn’t change the nation, I began to focus on my town.  I couldn’t change the town and as an older man, I tried to change my family.  Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family.  My family and I could have made an impact on our town.  Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.  ~Author Unknown